Does your unit meet with regulations?

Over time, as technologies evolve and regulations are updated, the need for renewed consumer unit/fusebox and their associated protection devices (fuses) increases.

In the UK many homes are still equipped with an old-style fuse box. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your fuse box for a new style consumer unit. This will provide better electrical safety to your property but more importantly, your family or tenants. A consumer unit will also ensure your home is up to the current standards of the electrical regulations.

We can give you the advice you need

Additionally, as of January 2016 all new Consumer Units are required to be constructed of non-combustible materials i.e., metal. The regulation was bought in as a measure to contain electrical fires with a consumer unit – an increasing occasion.

Very few older properties/installations are suitable for additions or alterations without work first being carried out at the consumer unit therefore it is essential when discussing and planning electrical works at your property that you first take advice on the continued use of the Consumer Unit, this is advice that we at React Electrical can provide free of charge with no-obligation at any site visit.