Electrical safety.

The manufacturers lifetime expectancy of PVC cable is only twenty years! If you have concerns over the integrity of your installation, the first port of call is to carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report to thoroughly assess the continued use of the installation and to highlight any problem areas.

Once complete our engineers can detail where remedial works are required – this may lead to either a partial or a complete re-wire being recommended. Often if parts of a property are considered not suitable for continued use it becomes financially viable and to avoid extensive disruption ideal to carry out a full replacement of the whole property ensuring no more work to be necessary for years to come.

What does an EICR test involve?

An EICR test can only be conducted by a highly qualified, skilled and experienced electrician. Before the test is carried out the electrician must disconnect the electric from the mains power supply. During the test, the electrician will analyse the condition of the electrical system and assess it for safety and compliance, paying particular attention to any deterioration or faults. The condition of the electrics will be checked against the UK Standard for the Safety of Electrical Installations – BS7671 IET Wiring Regulations.