Are your installations safe?

When you are responsible for a commercial building like warehouse, you need to ensure the electrical installation and circuits stay safe. An electrical installation condition report (or EICR) can be the best way to do this.

Old and faulty electrical installations can cause electric shocks as well as fires. An EICR tests the installations in commercial premises, meaning you can get malfunctioning circuits fixed and show your building is compliant with health and safety regulations.

It depends on the type of commercial premises that need testing. Some buildings need testing more often than others.

Most commercial buildings such as shops and offices should have electrical testing carried out every five years. Other buildings like factories need testing more often.

Bear in mind that this timescale is not set in stone. The engineer will specify a recommended retest frequency after the inspection has taken place. For example, if your electrical installation is very old, they may recommend it is tested more often.

The testing that we carry out can be worked round the client, such as out of hours testing etc.